Van Nuys Homes For Sale

Van Nuys Homes For Sale

If you are looking for Van Nuys Homes For Sale, you’ve come to the right source.  Van Nuys is a historic neighborhood that is situated in the heart of the San Fernando Valley. Just minutes from Burbank, Glendale, Hollywood, Van Nuys is an ideal community for any first-time home buyer to settle in. In fact, many Angelenos flock to Van Nuys for its hip Van Nuys Boulevard, full of trendy restaurants and cafes. One of Van Nuy’s unique gems is The historical womens club house & The Japense Garden.

Why live anywhere else when you have all this PLUS a close farmer’s market, a HUGE recreation center,  AND the two different Metro lines in your backyard? Aside from being a hip place to hang out, Van Nuys is also very affordable! Where else could you purchase a 3-4 bedroom home for under $400,000 walking distance from all the good neighborhood spots?

Even Hollywood wants a piece of Van Nuy’s action. I bet you didn’t know that they haved film The office in Van Nuys.  A little taste of Scranton on Saticoy Street in Van Nuys.  We’ve made the search for All Van Nuys Homes For Sale easy for you.

Van Nuys Homes For Sale

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All Van Nuys Homes For Sale



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