Discreet & Confidential Short Sale-By Munson Realty-Los Angeles Short Sale Agents

Discreet and Confidential short sales, your neighbors do NOT have to know.

We understand that not all sellers are comfortable with a “For Sale” sign in there front yard and “Short Sale” slathered all over the marketing material associated with their homes sale. The last thing you need is for the neighborhood to know your very private decisions.

When discretion is of utmost importance to you and your family, our Discreet Short Sale program is the perfect fit for you.

There is no need:

  • For a Sign in your yard
  • For the words “Short Sale” to be displayed in any public marketing materials.
  • For an open house.

Your short sale status will only be seen in the private remarks seen by other Realtors, not in public remarks. We attract a large enough of a buyer pool within the first few days of the listing to have multiple offers and stop the showings quickly.

We close short sales fast, discreet and save homeowners from foreclosure where others fail. We will be very direct in telling you that we cannot guarantee we will save you from your “auction sale date” but we do have a 92% successes ratio. To date, the only reason we have not been able to successfully close on a short sale is because the seller has reached out to us too late.

In California, you have approximately 90 days (may vary from lender to lender) from the Notice of Default filed by your lender for property to be sold at property auction.

Getting the short sale process started now can stop foreclosure. If your intention is to stop foreclosure through a short sale then it is important that you start the short sale process sooner rather than later. Contact us to schedule a free evaluation. We will never ask you for a single dollar to short sale your home. Your lender, not you, pays our fees. In fact, there is a very good chance we can negotiate $3,000 in relocation expenses on your behalf.

Munson Realty’s Los Angeles Short Sales department is a group of estate/property advisers, escrow agents and title representatives with the intention to streamline the short sale process. Our goal is to create a win-win scenario for “you”, the homeowner and your lender. Our team of experts has helped countless distressed sellers through the stressful threat of foreclosure.

We are Certified Distressed Property Experts® monitoring the federal laws and regulations and promoting anti-scam and anti-fraud communications from various government organizations.

Call us now if you are ready to avoid foreclosure through the short sale process. For a free and confidential consultation give us a call at 323-216-9671 or 877-636 -0444 or visit us HERE

How to get the short sale process started.

Free E-Mini Report in PDF format. Also includes “Life after a short sale” bonus material.

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About the author

Los Angeles Short Sale Agents

Stephen Munson-Broker/Owner of Munson Realty|Southern California Real Estate is originally from Wichita, Kansas, and has lived in Los Angeles for over 20 years. He was born in 1968 and is a second-generation real estate professional. Being brought up in a family of real estate professionals, you could easily say that real estate is in his blood! He has personally practiced real estate for over 11 years, while his family has been in the business for over 2 decades. Stephen Munson has always been attracted to serving the clients that require the most diligent care and need more attention than the traditional buyer or seller. Stephen specializes in sellers who are in difficult situations, such as avoiding foreclosure through a short sale or difficulties selling their home the first time around. First-time buyers are also some of the clients Stephen Munson is passionate in serving. He feels first-time buyers really need super focused coaching and a lot of “hand holding,” which he really enjoys. As broker and owner of Munson Realty-Southern California Real Estate, Stephen employs only Realtors (agents) that share his enthusiasm for excellence in client care and integrity. “My agents must be able to bring a talent or skill set to the business that no other agent in town can offer, and they must do it extremely well!” Stephen Munson is also author and host of several real estate related blogs and a professional public speaker. Aside from professionally coaching his agents in the craft of real estate, he also coaches other agents from around the country.


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