Short Sale vs Foreclosure-by Pasadena short sale agents Munson Realty

Short Sale vs Foreclosure

By Pasadena Short Sale Agents, Munson Realty

Short Sale vs Foreclosure-by Pasadena short sale agents Munson Realty- It’s no “news flash” that many homeowners are underwater and desperate for relief. They are experiencing hardships such as job loss, death or illness in the family or frankly their adjustable loan rates have spiraled out of control leaving them very few options. In most cases those options are to walk away and allow the bank to “foreclose” on their property or to “short sale” for a faster credit recovery. In this video, Pasadena short sale agent Stephen Munson discusses the main differences between a Foreclosure and a short sale and how each impacts your credit. You may be surprised to find out just how soon you can become a homeowner again depending upon which route you choose to take… foreclosure or short sale!

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